Friday, April 25, 2008

3 boys

Whoever said that 3 kids is the hardest is NUTS! Or maybe they just said that cuz they didnt have my boys! Ben is still not sleeping through the night. He has had a few 4 hour stretches but is up for a good hour before i can get him settled. So i have extreme circles under my eyes, little patience with the other 2 boys, and a completely wasted brain. James decided to start the terrible twos 6 months early and has been outta control with the temper tantrums. And Tyler has been breaking the rules left and right, not to mention a little bad habit of making up little lies trying to convince me that he isnt the rule breaker. Example- He was in time out for coloring the couch, and when I went to get him out there was a yellow puddle near by. I gave him the look, and he immediately replies "It wasnt me! James did it!" Perhaps parenting these 3 seems so bleak due to the extreme sleep deprivation, and my boys are actually really good and I just am missing the positive. Oh I miss having a good nights sleep!
FYI to Kristy Jean--Daniel and Michael are gonna do the 1/2 marathon in Vegas in December. (Along with Cathy Connie and Fred) Its suppose to be the most entertaining marathon as they have tons of Elvis's running and just tons of stuff going on. So I think you should train for it and meet us there and run it with them! It would be awesome! Only issue is that it is a Sunday as Utah is the only state to do them on Saturdays, so you would be putting your eternal welfare on the line, but its gonna be wild times! Let us know what you think!


Deb said...

I'm on the same boat with you right now. My baby June is kind of a hard baby and like her big brother Smith, she's not too into sleeping either. I'm a completely sleep deprived grump lately. Or as we say in our house, I'm a major "crabby pattie."

Deb said...

hang in there're awesome.