Sunday, April 6, 2008

President Monson

My main purpose in my blog is for my own journaling purposes, and today as we watched conference I felt I needed to write down my feelings as President Monson spoke to us for the first time as the prophet. Listening as he told about his ancestors and their heartaches and trials, I think its pretty awesome that here, many years later, the great great grandson of these pioneers is now called to be the prophet of this great church. During the time of their suffering and even the rest of their lives, they didnt know what their abiding faith would do for future generations, but because of their faith and love in Jesus Christ they passed down a great testimony and example to future generations and now their great great grandson is the prophet on the earth- it amazes me how one families faith can have such an enormous impact on the future and the world.

Throughout the conference, others have mentioned the way Thomas S Monson reaches out to the one. This reminded me of a family that was in my home ward whom had just suffered with the death of their young daughter. President Monson didnt know the family, but had a strong impression to travel down to the funeral, and was there to offer tremendous comfort to this family. It was a pretty powerful witness to me that this man is deeply in tune with the spirit, and is immediately responsive to the promptings he recieves, and he is there to mourn with those who mourn, just as the Savior does. Truely he is a disciple of Christ, and devotes his life to serving others. What an amazing example this man is.

As he bore his testimony, I felt a powerful peaceful feeling that just confirms to me that He is called of God, and he is the living prophet. How grateful I am that we have the blessing of a living prophet. We have him to direct and guide us. Even though I dont know him personally, I love this man and do sustain and honor him as the prophet.

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Kristy said...

Thanks for your sweet thoughts! I loved conference as well.