Saturday, April 19, 2008


Today was the day Daniel and Michael were suppose to reach a new level of accomplishment- runnning the SLC marathon. 26 miles of insanity in my opinion, but definately worth some bragging rights. They have been training for months now- getting up at 4 am to drink their energy drinks, then hitting the canal road before 5- including Saturdays no less, pushing through wind, rain, and heat, all with the determination to run the big race. But due to a few injuries-(both would be participants have had their struggles with some tendonitis)-the 2 week long flu bug that completely wiped Daniel out, and the fact that Daniel decided helping out his sleep deprived wife after having a baby was more important, the marathon has been called off. Too bad really cuz it would have been quite a sight to see the 2 running together in matching blue zoot suits-(i still cant get over the hideousness of it!)! Oh well. There is always next year!

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Cook Zoo said...

Ah, too bad. Is this a pic of Michael in his zoot suit? LOL.