Monday, February 15, 2010

Biker gang

Our 2 oldest got bikes for Christmas 2 years ago, and after they both crashed once-(with training wheels) they decided they didnt want to try biking again.... until I went on and on and on about how their friends all love riding their bikes- without training wheels, and that they should give it another go. So Daniel pumped up their tires and they rode up and down the street... with training wheels. Our neighbors even joined in the biking fun.

I told Daniel it was time for them to learn without the wheels, so we took them off. Neither kid would try it. They were so stubborn. Like mules. I bribed and pleaded and tried every trick in the book, but they wouldn't touch the bike unless it had those blasted training wheels on. James and Ben brought out their trikes and had a blast riding in the road, until they discovered a neighbors dog locked up in their gate.

Then they decided to just go sit and talk to the dog for a good 20 minutes. Weirdos. They were really cute though and when they got back on their "bikes" they gave each other some "fives" and "stones."

So Kylie and Tyler are terrified to try new things- like the bikes, and both tend to be extremely shy. James and Ben are both rather friendly and are both dare devils. I think Ky and Ty must have taken all the cautious genetics and left the younger boys without an ounce of it. Ben is training to be the next evil kinevil, without the ring of fire, motorcycle and the ramp...


Beverly said...

Cute pictures--love the video! I can't believe Kylie won't try! She will love it when she does. Lucy and Averie wouldn't get off theirs for weeks after they learned this summer and can't wait for it to get warm again so they can ride them to school. But, each on their own time table.

Deb said...

I think my kids will probably be teenagers before they finally ever learn to ride a bike. They have the same fears as yours.

I read your privates story. Your blog is always so fun to read, lots of funny stories that make me laugh. I would have been going out of my mind waiting for the principle to call me back. That must have been a stressful day for you.

Megan said...

Kids definately have their own, unique time tables about things. I had such a good time in sunbeams with your little guy- what a sweetie!!

Tina said...

The "fives" and "stones" pictures are incredibly cute!

Riley still is happiest riding in parks in the grass. There is something about that more cushioned fall, and absence of traffic that is appealing, you know.

BlairsTown said...

I love reading your blog. You always have such great posts. They put a smile on my face everytime. Your kids are sooo very cute and I love that they each have their own personality and keep you hopping! They will at some time conquer the 2 wheeler. It of course will be on their own time frame.

PS Thanks for all your sweet comments.