Saturday, February 20, 2010

Team Territorial

Daniels business affiliate hosted a walk for muscular dystrophy today, so team "territorial mortgage" jumped on board, wearing our matching shirts and we walked the walk. Well kinda. Kylie and Tyler road their bikes, with training wheels. Ben and James rode their trikes, half way, then Ben gave up and threw himself on the ground, so Daniel had to carry his bike in one arm and Ben in the other. We just LOVE the 2 year old stage.(that was sarcastic!)
After the walk they gave everyone metals, and that made the kiddies think we "won" the race, all though it wasnt a race and we were the very last ones slowly walking in, a good 10 minutes after everyone else.
Daniels team has undergone some, uh, "interesting" changes this past month, but with change comes new opportunites and we are loving the new team. One of the new loan officers could be Celine Dions twin, although Daniel doesnt happen to agree. SHE TOTALLY COULD BE!
Anyway we had a great time walking for a great cause, and were with great people. And guess what added to the greatness-- the weather! This week has been my kinda mid-February weather. Close to 80 degrees, blue skies, sunshine, light breezes. Heaven!



Oh how I do miss Yuma weather! Sounds like a fun walk! And loved the biker gang (in both posts!) We have been very lazy to teach Javan to ride a bike and he is almost 9. I think we should get on board bu he isn't on board yet either:) Oh well, what can you do!

Tina said...

The picture of Ben is the cutest! Now that we don't deal with tantrums (well, not too often anyway) anymore, we remember them fondly...