Monday, February 8, 2010


If I were to ask what would be the 5 top reasons your kids principal calls you, what would those be? If  I said the kid is a kindergartner would that list change? And if I said that kid is also of the male gender, would that impact your list as well? 
Today I got a message from my male kindergartners principal. She said, "Ms Jackson, there was an incident at school that I need to talk with you about." So I call back, but as it so happens she was in a meeting. So I wait for a return call. 10 minutes later the school calls back saying the principal had a drs appt, so she will call back later. That was a pretty mean trick in my opinion .
So I actually googled reasons why a principal would call a kindergartners parent. Unfortunately there wasnt much research on the topic.
I asked Tyler in a non threatening way what happened at school, if anyone teased him or made him upset and if he decided to seek his revenge by whacking someone on the head, or did he take something that didnt belong to him, or did he speak out of turn. He looked really worried but he couldnt think of anything. So I waited and waited and sent many a text to Daniel throwing out reasons why his principal was calling me.
This is my top 5 list:
1: He pulled the fire alarm. again
2: He stabbed a kid with his pencil. again
3: He peed on the school playground. (thankfully, we havent been called on that one yet)
4: He stole something. (thankfully we havent had this problem yet either)
5: He told his teacher he hated him. (I could see this one happening cuz he tells me he hates me when hes really mad at me)
Daniel list includes:
1: He peed on the teachers desk
2:  He took his pants off
3: He went running around the classroom uncontrollably
Well after much anxiety and 2 hours later, I talk with this principal. The "incident" as it so happens, was Tyler decided to "show his privates" to another kid. Why? I have no idea. Nor did she. All she knows is that one of the students came up to Tylers teacher and said just that. 
So heres the thing, I know this kind of thing happens. He is a kindergartner. And a boy. And boys are just weird. But geez- why does it seem like its always MY kid that is the only one that does these kinda things?


Nat said...

Don't you worry- my kid did that too! (: Some girls were chasing after him on the playground and they pushed him down into the sand. Guess what his defense mechanism was. Yeah, he thought if he showed them his privates they would leave him alone. Funny freakin boys! But yes, kindergarten boys can cause a lot of parental anxiety. Call me if you ever need to discuss these funny antics! Nat

Megan said...

This is going to make a great story later on... for extortion purposes! Tuck this little gem in "the file" and save it for when he's older and acting up! :)

Tina said...

With this title, I thought you were going to announce that you were going private with your blog. This post was much more fun than that;)

I understand being stressed about this...I know I would be. He's just a little boy though. When he grows up you will be amazed at how much you expected of him when he was only three and a half feet tall.

He was probably just looking for a shocked reaction....and got it...

Cook Zoo said...

I'd be stressed too, if it were me, but I'm with everyone else. He's just a little boy. As for WHY he does these things? Well, everyone has a mission in life and (as I'm discovering) some people's mission in life is to drive their mothers crazy. ;)