Wednesday, February 3, 2010


So every morning before Kylie leaves for school, I say, ""Bye honey. Make good choices!" If you recall it is from the movie Freaky Friday. It drives Kylie bonkers, which makes me laugh, so I keep doing it. I guess thats mean of me, but i already know I am a mean mommy as my kids like to tell me that anytime they dont get their way. Anyway today I picked her up from school to take her to piano lessons and asked her if she did indeed make good choices. My little sassafras told me that if I dare say "bye honey, make good choices!" to her again, she will "duct-tape (my) mouth shut!" My jaw dropped. Where did this sassy little thing come from? And where in the world did she come up with a comment like that? Geez- if she is like this now, I am really worried about her teenage years. Perhaps I should rethink my desire to have a baby girl.

In other news, we have locked up our fridge and pantry from the hyperactive Bennie-boy. Unfortunately he has broken through 4 different locks on the fridge, and we arent quite sure what to try next. The pantry however is holding up nicely. Being the mean mommy that I am, I had to take a few pictures of Bens reaction when he went to try the fridge the first time. Too bad that obstacle didnt last very long. 
Here he is pulling with all his might!
Someone is getting upset!
When the meltdown doesnt work, he turns to his daddy and says, "open!"

I am such a mean mom!


Megan said...

Fred and I give each other Hi-5's whenever we get "your the meanest Mom/Dad in the world." We think that means that we're doing a good job.

Beverly said...

Kylie will be just like you! And, has she been around Uncle Trav and his duct tape?
Little Ben's pictures are so funny! What frustration. Glad you will have a few extra groceries around though

Cook Zoo said...

LOL! That is hilarious! You're an awesome mom.

Deb said...

That's so funny. I say the exact same thinng to Smith in the morning before he goes to school. Only he happily says, "okay" and Ian is the one that thinks I'm lame for saying that each morning.

BUT one morning Smith did tell me as I was dropping him off at school to not say I love you when he was getting out of the door, because he didn't want his friends to hear since it's imbarrassing. That made me sad. When Ian dropped him off at school the next day Smith told him the same thing, and what did Ian do? He yelled I LOVE YOU! as loud as he could when Smith opened the door. GENIUS! Why didn't I think of that? Needless to say, he doesn't tell us to not say I love you any more.

P.S. My daughter is being super sassy lately too. It's driving my crazy.


No... I think you are a SMART mom! I just read your "Cheese" post and after reading everything he did a couple weeks ago, I would have to put a thousand locks on both of those things! But I loved at the end of ALL the chaos, you wrote how you still love being a mom. And you are a great mom Kimmy. Despite what your kids say sometimes (hee-hee). I was told by Javan the other day that he wanted to run away, so don't feel bad.

Tina said...

I think there is no one sweeter than Kylie. She and Riley have talked about that dreaded phrase. It really makes me laugh!