Sunday, February 3, 2008


Daniel and I have been trying to come up with a name for our baby. This has been a most unusual pregnancy due to the fact that I havent been calling him by his name, whereas with my other three we were calling them by name at 16 weeks. In November Daniel reluctantly agreed to Ryan- but was never really into it, so I didnt feel right calling him that. So a few more months have gone by and still we havent had a name. Yesterday I was getting pretty ansy cuz I really want to call my baby by name and so after we put the kids to bed Daniel and I had a discussion. And we narrowed the field down to four names, then two, and then finally one name that we both like for our boy. Drum roll if you please- our baby will be known as Benjamin Ryan Jackson. Our own little B.R! The Benjamin comes from two significant people in our lives- the first is my dad, Bennie. The second is Daniels grandpa, Beniah. Finally its settled and we are getting more and more excited to meet our little Ben! Only 6-7 weeks left!!!!

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