Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Yesterday when I was getting Kylie from school I learned a valuable lesson from my little girl. In her class they have a treat box and when the kids have worked really well, at the end of the day they get to pick out a treat. One of the moms brought in some cute journals, and had brought one for each girl, or so she thought. Turns out Kylie got a new classmate this week. Anyway all the girls had picked out the journals, but one little girl didnt get one and was very sad and distraught over it. Kylies teacher was trying to consol her and point out the other things she could pick from the box, but Kylie went up to the little girl and gave her her journal. When I got there Mrs Morris related to me the little incident. As her mom, I couldnt be more proud of Kylie. I love that she has such kindness and compassion that she was willing to give something she had to the girl who didnt get one. No one was prompting her to do it- she did it of her own accord. She was willing to give just to make someone else happy. Hows that for trying to be like Jesus?

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