Thursday, February 14, 2008


For the first few years of marriage, we celebrated valentines day. The last few years we have just aknowledged it with an exchange of cards, and if daniel wants bonus points- flowers. Its just not a big deal in our home. Enter Kylie and Tyler. They love holidays. They get so excited and make little plans weeks in advance. When I was growing up my mom made holidays special, and on valentines day she would make us little candy bar posters, which was a big deal cuz candy was something we only got from time to time- unlike my kids who have it ALL the time. anyway I want to make my kids memories as wonderful as my mother made mine, so i have been thinking of what I could do to make it special for them. interestingly enough to me- Daniel and I arent into this holiday as a couple, but i get into it just for the sake of making it a happy day for my kids. So i picked up some little trinkets at the dollar store, made little valentine cards telling them we love them, and left them on the table for them to discover when they woke up. It was like Christmas. They were so excited over a heart shaped painting set, a heart shaped notepad, a candy filled plastic heart and a cheap valentine stuffed animal. Funny thing is that I put all this together and signed the cards "love mommy and daddy" but Kylie, after careful inspection of her gifts, says "Toast did you know daddy loves us so much?"-Yes, all the credit goes to daddy. Oh the joys of being an under-appreciated mother. Oh well. Happy Valentines to all our friends and family!!

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