Thursday, February 28, 2008


Daniel tried poisoning me. Shocked? So am I. A few nights ago we were watching a movie and I was frozen solid cuz I had previously chomped down 6 cups of ice-(my iron is low)- Daniel being the thoughtful husband he is made me some hot chocolate to help me "defrost." Well I took a sip and gagged. It was awful. I have never had a problem with hot chocolate before, so I figured it must have been the milk. Daniel tried to "fix" it, and gave me some to try again. Once again I gagged. It was just disgusting. The next morning I was getting the kids breakfast and happened to notice some pills in the cupboard with the nesquick- AH HA- Daniel put the drugs in the hot chocolate! And then he denied it. The little skunk. But to be fair, I must admit he was only trying to get me to take those nasty iron pills to get my iron back up. I hate those pills, so I havent been taking them, but its about the kill me off cuz I am just wiped out, so he thought he would trick me into taking them. So I appreciate his concern but come on pal- iron in hot chocolate? That was just not nice!

FYI- Ben is measuring too small right now, so they are now considering him high risk. So I am now going to be spending 3 days at the drs office each week so they can keep a close eye on him. The Dr said if he hasnt showed enough improvement in two weeks, then they will induce him. So if you dont mind, please keep him in your prayers. We really appreciate it!

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Kristy said...

Very crafty Daniel! It totally brings back a memory of when Tom and I were first married...After the gym he would make me a energy fruit shake and one day I found remnants of a chopped up pill in the bottom! He had been putting 'horse' energy pills in my shake and not telling me!