Saturday, March 29, 2008

I love my baby! He is just precious. So there are a few things about the delivery I want to keep written down so I dont forget.

One- Daniel passed out. With the other 3 he had no problem, but with this one, he actually blacked out. And the craziest thing about that is that it wasnt when the baby was born, it was when I got my "happy-dural." And its not like he passed out cuz he was watching them stick an enourmous needle into my back, he was simply holding my hand. I guess maybe I passed my anxiety of needles to him, and he couldnt take it, and passed out. The nurse wasnt very big, and had to catch him, and then she tried helping him walk out of the room and he fell again. But after his juice and a few crackers he was back to buisness.

Two-miracles happen. With all the tests and zillion appointments and all the stress about Ben being under 5 pounds, he was and is just perfect. He is tiny but he is healthy and weighing in at 6 lbs 5 oz, I have no doubt that Heavenly Father hears and answers prayers.

Three- Yuma is bizarre. There is ONE pediatrician who does circumcisions in the hospital here. So I have him down for the babys dr, but the guy comes in and starts yelling at me for wanting him to do the procedure on Ben. He was YELLING- and it just blew me away. Here i am not even 12 hours after having my baby and this psycho is yelling at me cuz he is "sick and tired of having people choose him as their Dr cuz he is the only one who does circumcisions in the hospital." He goes on with his explosion saying he doesnt have the time to do it, and basically I need a new Dr. Obviously. I didnt want him taking a knife to my baby after he freaked out like that. So there are 2 other drs in town that do it in their office, but one couldnt do it until the middle of April, so we went with the other guy, who i think is more to my liking anyway. However we have to wait until Ben has another u/s on his kidneys in regards to the hydronephrosis before they will do it, so he doesnt get it done until next week. Anyway- talk about unprofessional. The nurse apologized to me, and told my dr who apologized as well and couldnt believe that the guy just flipped out like that- crazy!

Four- I am immediately brought to tears with the intense and incredible love I feel for this baby. I cant believe how one person comes into your life and you can feel that strongly about them. Before I had Ben i was worried about having 4 kids and was feeling overwhelmed with the thought, but now as he is here, I cant imagine my life without him. Like I said, He is precious!

A little FYIin case anyone wants to know, we are going to bless him in May, so if anyone wants to come down to the wicked heat of yuma, we would love to see you.


The Cooks said...

It's been so fun to read through your blog and see you guys again! Congratulations on little Ben (what a great name!). ;) You all look like you're doing well. We miss you! Let's keep in touch!

Julie said...

Ryan and I were laughing so hard at Daniel passing out because Ryan has had a couple close calls before. It felt like we were reading something that could happen to us! We are so happy for your fourth little, healthy baby. I'm glad you are having all these boys to balance us out. Thanks for finding our blog and keeping in touch.