Thursday, March 6, 2008


Its official-- Michael is gay. The rumor has been around for a while now, but I am confirming it. Sure I have overlooked the fact that he is heavily into fashion, has a closet that houses thousands of dollars worth of clothing, and spends 100 times more on his hair care than I do. Sure I have overlooked the fact he is crazy into interior design. I have even overlooked his spa addiction. And I was severely disappointed when he broke of his engagement to Katie just two weeks prior to the wedding date, but attributed that to the fact he isnt in the right place in his life to be making an eternal commitment. But last Sunday he came over with a belated b-day gift for Daniel, who at the time was home teaching. He didnt stick around, but when Daniel arrived home and unwrapped his gift, Michael made a screaming statement with his choice of giving- a zoot suit. Now if you dont know what that is, let me describe it. Its a freaking unitard! Its hideous! And the thing that really makes this gift say "HEY I AM GAY" is the fact that he has a matching one just like it. He actually thinks that he and Daniel are going to run the marathon together in matching blue unitards! The guy is truely wacked out of his mind! What more can I say?

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Kristy said...

Chalk up another point to Tom and his amazing intuition!