Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I had to put this picture on here cuz it cracks me up. Yesterday on the drive home from getting Kylie she saved her treat from her lunch and shared it with James. When I got him out of the car this is what I saw.
Kylies school had some kind of a creative arts contest, but I didnt worry about it as it was optional. But unknown to me, Kylies teacher had each of the kids write a story and entered them in. It just so happens that Kylie scored second in the Kindergarten-2nd grade group. Way to go Kylie!
I went to the dr. today and was expecting him to schedule the induction date within the next few days, but alas he decided not to. I am really confused cuz two weeks ago he told me if there wasnt enough growth that they were going to induce me. I have since had to go in for two AFI's, 5 NSTs and had another u/s yesterday. And from the results of that u/s, Ben is now below the 6th percentile and weighs less than 5 lbs. The dr told me that even though he hasnt grown, the fact that his fluids are normal and his heart rate is strong, and the fact that his head and body are in the right porportions to each other those are good signs, so they are gonna let me continue on in the misery of the last 2 weeks of pregnancy. Joy. They arent going to let me go over my due date though, so if I dont go into labor on my own, they will induce me sometime during the week of the 24th. The ultrasound also showed that he has hydronephrosis due to urinary tract reflux, which is the same thing James had, so we will have that to deal with after he is born. So there is the latest.
I just wanted to thank you all for your prayers on his behalf. Even though he hasnt grown, he still seems to be doing ok, and I think your faith and prayers are the reason for that. Thank you. We are truely blessed with wonderful family and friends~!


Kristy said...

Kimmy- I'm so sorry to hear that they aren't going to induce you. I don't quite get this dr.! Hopefully Ben will grow more this last little bit, that is so small. Joshy had the hydronephrosis also and I'm sorry because I know the worry.
Way to go Kylie! That is really impressive! Let her know we're so proud of her! Also, Christies blog is up. Our prayers are with you all! You can do it! Just 2 more weeks then its all over! WAHOO!!!!

Kristy said...

Ok kim, I'm getting worried about you! You are always the faithful updater on your blog. How are you feeling?