Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Last night we had a BBQ and FHE with some friends. We just love their family and the kids have so much fun together. For FHE we dressed the kids up in the "armour of God," then the rest of us threw the fiery darts(puff balls). Allison decided the best way to protect herself from evil was to face it head on and charge! The result- her foe fled in exceeding haste! It was great! Unfortunately for us, they are moving in a month. We are so sad they are leaving. Seeing as how we have never lived around my immediate family, our friends become our adopted family. This is especially true with Brie. She has been like a sister to me. I greatly admire her. One cant help but feel a little more joy after spending even a minute with her. She is just great, and we will miss them like crazy.


Cook Zoo said...

"Her foe fled in exceeding haste" Love it! How sad that your friends are moving. I hope you're able to keep in touch. (Does she have a blog??)

Beverly said...

Tell Tyler he makes a handsome stripling warrior. Thanks for the pictures.

Deb said...

I hate having to part with good friends. Good thing we live in a time where keeping in touch isn't too difficult.