Sunday, May 4, 2008


Just wanted to jot down a few things the kids have said recently-
Toast -"Its a red piggy day!"
-"My teachers name is sisto stwong"-(its actually tuffly-he just translated it to strong)
-"Mommy is the mean witch!"
-"I'm always gonna be nice, but not when my sisto is mean."
-"I didnt do it- it was my feet!"
-"Is Ashley in your tummy?"-(Ashley is the name we want to call our baby girl, assuming we have another kid)
-"Jacob is my bestest fwend."
-"Did daddy put swiper locks on the doors so he (swiper) cant get me?"
-"Move outta the way Betsy!"-(said to the car in front of us one morning while driving Kylie to school)
-"your following the devil!"-(said to me when i put him in time out)
-"daddy and I are the only ones who know how to fix stuff!"
-"come see my mommys sequoia!"-(said to his teacher while pointing to the mini van)
-"you did it on poh-puss!"-(said in response to anyone who does something accidentally"

Kylie -"I'm not gonna kiss boys cuz I'm allergic."
-"you're ruining my life!"-(said during a rare temper tantrum a few days after watching freaky friday)
-"do you have to feed him with those? its kinda weird!"-(said while I was nursing Ben)
-"I am never gonna get married! I am gonna live with you and daddy forever!"
-"why do you and daddy kiss each other. Its gross!"
-She passes gas and very casually says "oops. Sorry about that."
-James loves me so much, and I just dont know what to do about it."
-I pick her up from school and ask her how her day was and she says "well, i'm gonna have a hard time telling you cuz its a long story."

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Deb said...

Kids say the darndest things. Strangly I like it when smith says he's not going to get married and is going to live with us forever. I can't imagine him leaving me yet. I'm sure by the time he's a teenager I'll feel quite different.