Sunday, May 11, 2008

soap box

Me on my soap box!
Let me just say that I am not a huge fan of mothers day. Why? Cuz I think one day a year to say "you're appreciated" is kind of retarded. It should be once a month at least. There is really nobody else who sacrifices so much in comparison to mothers. Its a thankless job, and the most time consuming one there is. And the most important one out there in my opinion. So why is it that its once a year that we pause to say- "wow- moms sure do a lot. thanks--"? it really should be a monthly holiday. And it should be on a week day so that the men in the world have to take the day off and take over the responsibilities so they get a more realistic glimpse of the effort moms put into the day to day responsibilities, so that the "thanks" is sincere. Its like getting flowers for valentines day. Who wants flowers on valentines day? Its nice, but its so much more appreciated when you give flowers on an ordinary day. It says that its not just on days where its expected that you pause to think of the one you love- its the ordinary days- the ones that life is made up of. Ok- so thats my little tangent and I am stepping off my soap box-
But let me just quote Elder Ballard from his last conference talk--
"We need to remember that the full commitment of motherhood and of putting children first can be difficult. Through my own four-generation experience in our family, and through discussions with mothers of young children throughout the Church, I know something of a mother’s emotions that accompany her commitment to be at home with young children. There are moments of great joy and incredible fulfillment, but there are also moments of a sense of inadequacy, monotony, and frustration. Mothers may feel they receive little or no appreciation for the choice they have made. Sometimes even husbands seem to have no idea of the demands upon their wives.
What more can a husband do to support his wife, the mother of their children?

First, show extra appreciation and give more validation for what your wife does every day. Notice things and say thank you—often. Schedule some evenings together, just the two of you.

Second, have a regular time to talk with your wife about each child’s needs and what you can do to help.

Third, give your wife a “day away” now and then. Just take over the household and give your wife a break from her daily responsibilities. Taking over for a while will greatly enhance your appreciation of what your wife does. You may do a lot of lifting, twisting, and bending!

Fourth, come home from work and take an active role with your family. Don’t put work, friends, or sports ahead of listening to, playing with, and teaching your children."

Thats what I am talking about! This guy "gets it!"

On a personal note-
Mom I love you! And I am such a hypocrite cuz I dont take time on the ordinary days to give you the thanks you deserve for all you do. I really do appreciate the mother you are. You are so amazing to me- your wisdom and your faith and your charity are all incredible gifts you have in abundance, and you have blessed my life with each of those and many more. I adore you mom!

And to the mothers who read my little blog- I admire you! You have such amazing talents and are incredible teachers and examples to your children. The world is a better place because of you! So enjoy the one day a year that the world sends a little acknowledgement your way!

-And just so nobody gets the wrong idea- I am not saying Daniel is a bum- and my whole venting soap box isnt about or because of him--- he is, as you might know, amazing. And I know I am so lucky that I have him!- I am just venting in good fun. kinda--ok -- I mean seriously- ONE DAY A YEAR? Thats all we get for a lifetime of love and commitment and sacrifice? sheesh! What a rip off! Just kiddding-- kinda!


Deb said...

I think your an amazing mom/wife/woman! Happy Mothers Day!

Cook Zoo said...

LOL! Your soapbox pic was funny! I agree mothers need to be appreciated regularly. I loved that conference talk, and after hearing it I had to thank Brian because he already follows that advice so well. And I know Daniel does too.

You do a great job with your kids, Kimmie. Happy Un-Mother's Day. LOL

Kristy said...

Cute picture Kimmy! Happy Mothers Day! I agree with you on the once a month holiday! Let's try to get that going should we?

Julie said...

I love the picture! Great idea. . .I think you should campaign for the once a month thing to go nation-wide!

J-dig said...

Get off your soap box and never get back on sister.