Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Since last October I ask myself on a daily basis "have I seen the hand of God reaching out to touch us or our children or our family today?” (-from Elder Eyrings conference talk)- and even though I ask myself that question and can always see numerous ways in which I have seen His blessings in our life,I never write them down. So seeing as how I blog for my journal purposes in the hopes that someday my kids will look back and see I didnt purposely mess them up, I did want to write down my thoughts from last night, and this morning.
Last night Daniel and I got the 3 oldest to bed, and then I ran to the store. On my drive over the sun was setting and I tried to take in its beauty without causing an accident. That proved difficult, so once I got to the store, I sat in the car for a few minutes just to notice the brilliant colors before it got dark. Later on I said my prayers before getting into bed, I asked myself my little question and the first thing I thought was about the sunset. How can anyone deny the existence of a God with masterpieces like sunsets? -so I added that into my "thankful" part of my prayers, and climbed into bed.
Moving along to this morning, after the usual rush of getting myself showered and dressed, kids fed, diapers changed, getting everyone else dressed, hair done, homework checked, lunch made, prayers, driving kids to school, coming home and getting the house cleaned, laundry changed, baby fed, and a few minutes of reading to James it was time to pick Ty up from preschool. Its just down the street, so I got Ben in the Bjorn, and James in the stroller, and we were off. As I am pointing things out to James like the trees and trying to get him to repeat the words I say, I took notice of some birds chirping,the clear blue sky, the light breeze, and as we walked past some beautiful flowers the song "He is" popped into my head.(Hillary Weeks-if you havent heard it I highly recommend you get her CD Day of Praise) The lyrics-
"He is the first ray of sun to reach above the mountain.
He's a gentle ocean breeze on my face.
He is raindrops moving slowly down my window.
He's a long deep breath at the end of the day.
He is a warm afternoon at the end of September.
He's a brilliant sunset sky.
He is a silent snowfall and the deafening crash of thunder.
He is endless stars on a cloudless night.
He is the laughter of children and the wonder in their eyes.
On a distant rocky shore He's a clear and steady light.
He is wrinkled hands and tiny newborn fingers.
He's the beckon that calls you home.
He is the sturdy staff that leads you to drink beside still waters.
He's the reason why the lilies grow.
He is a sermon on a mount.
He is a widow and her mite.
He is the blind man's first glimpse of light
He is the garden and a prayer
He is two strangers on a hill
He is an empty tomb
And the price that heaven paid
He's our chance to try again
He is open arms
He is a quite invitation
He is hope when hope is gone
He is lasting peace and the answer we are seeking
He is the pathway home
He is
Yes, He is."
-(the music is amazing- again if you havent heard this song you should totally get the CD-)
As that song plays in my head and I am thinking about all the simple yet marvelous things all around us, I got a bit emotional. I am just so grateful for my loving Father in Heaven. I am so grateful for His Son. The evidence of their wisdom, glory, divinity, knowledge, presence, and love abound in the world. I just need to continue to pay attention.


Tina said...

I love that you can find beautiful things to point out to James, even here...:)

I better head out and look at the sunset tonight!

Deb said...

Thanks for always being such a good example for me to follow. I think you are so great.

Julie said...

I love that you are so diligent with Pres. Eyring's counsel. I need to work on that.