Friday, May 9, 2008

Midnight thought

So its late Friday night, I am up with my baby, and Daniel is gone camping for the father and sons campout. And I am just thinking - I am a wimp. I absolutely hate being alone. Especially at night. And I am totally afraid of the dark. And any noise I hear just makes me freak. So I figured out that besides being married cuz I want to spend every day and every thing with Daniel cuz he is the love of my life- I also enjoy being married to him cuz its nice to have someone protect me in case one of the weird noises is a scary monster. Next year I will have to fly my mom down here to spend the night cuz being alone even for one lousy night is just not cool!

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Deb said...

Too bad you don't live down the street from me any more. I would come and keep you company. I don't mind so much when Ian is gone over night, but I have to admit that sometimes I pretend he's home when he's not. When I go to bed I leave my bedroom door open a crack and leave the TV on in the living room. That way I don't hear every little noise in the house and it's like he's still up watching tv.