Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Last night we went to the pumpkin patch. It was very similar to Kylies schools fall festival which we attended on Friday night, except it was less crowded and cheaper! We ran into friends, relatives and neighbors at both events. They had tractor rides, bouncy-castles, and carnival games. Before we left we let the kids choose their pumpkin. Who would have figured that finding the perfect pumpkin would be so intense. I swear Kylie had to look at every single pumpkin there, before she made her choice. Toast would find one and when he couldnt pick it up would move on to the next one, and repeated this until he finally decided a small one was "cutest." James found a small one too and carried it around while softly patting it like a baby doll.
We ran into my cousin Shami and her family, and enjoyed visiting with them for minute. We live in the same small town, yet the last time we saw them was at Sams Club last November. Crazy.
I got a bit homesick last night after we put the kids to bed. I started thinking of my childhood memories of Halloween and Fall. I loved the crisp feeling in the air. I loved the crunchy sound of leaves, and the sometimes eerie rustle of the wind blowing through the trees. I loved looking at the mountains as they were blazing with color. I miss coming home from school and smelling freshly baked bread, and actually enjoying a warm house. I am having a hard time feeling all fallish when we are in the 90's. It feels off and mixed up! I just really miss "home" and will probably continue to feel homesick until February rolls around and we are in the 70- 80's while my beloved Utah is still frozen over.


Sabra said...

You should have called us to go to the pumpkin patch. I was racking my brain for something out of the house to do for FHE! Did you go to the Britain's Farm one?

brenda said...

Kimmy... I'm with you on your thoughts about UTAH! I get homesick every year! I miss the Hot Chocolate, cool mountain air, hot cinnamon rolls and a warm home! I love Arizona, and I'm grateful for the warm climate in the winter, but I still have a fondness for Utah that will never go away! We wore our winter coats on Halloween with our costumes over the top! The Football games would be cold, but they were great fun! I started getting homesick in September! (I have a September post that talks about it!)

I love your FHE! I'm with Sabra, you should have called us too!
It sounds like fun! I need to do something a little more exciteing with my family for FHE. We were to simple! I think we better go out there and call it our FHE for the week!

I remember those fun days of picking out pumpkins! My kids were always so protective of their pumpkins once they got them home!

It all sounds FUN! Happy Halloween! Do you want to go to Utah?

Beverly said...

Did I really make homemade bread? Glad you have some good memories!
When is the camera coming?

alison said...

I always get homesick for Alaska during the fall season. I miss hot chocolate in the mornings, the wood stove burning, crunching in the leaves every few steps, and the beautiful colors. I want to take a road trip to Utah now. Glad you had fun at the pumpkin patch! I love that your little boy was patting his little pumpkin like a baby, so cute. It was nice getting to talk to you the other night, sorry I sorta talked your ear off~

Deb said...

I'm sorry you feel homesick. I know EXACTLY how you feel. Take some comfort in knowing someone else out there feels your pain and knows what you are going through. And I agree about the weather. Will it just cool down already!!!

We are going to a pumpkin patch/corn maze tonight and after reading your post I'm getting really excited.