Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sing Choir of Angels

This conference has been a fun one as my Kylie has been somewhat interested this time. Usually I just let my kids do their thing and only try to draw their attention when the prophet speaks. But as she is growing up on me, and since the 2nd counselor in our primary presidency made a little conference packet of little activities, she has been sitting by me and actually paying attention-mainly to figure out what topic she gets to put a sticker on, but it was really fun to watch her try to comprehend whats being said. When Sister Dalton spoke to the young women about preparing for the temple and said something about being an instrument to the Lord, Kylie just looked so perplexed for a minute before she said, "i cant be an instrument-I'm a girl!" I love how kids think.
Yesterday, when the choir of children sang "We Thank Thee o God for a Prophet," both Kylie and Toast sang along. That is now a memory I hope to have forever.
Daniel has a journal that he takes to priesthood session, and after he gets home he lets me devour it and we talk about his notes. He particularly loved last nights priesthood session, and even just reading his notes I felt how powerful some of those talks were.
The thing that has stood out to me the most this conference was the powerful spirit from the "choir of angels" singing "I am a Child of God." My eyes started burning as I tried unsuccessfully not to cry, but they sang with such power and assurity and I was awed by those sweet children. And then every other song they sang got me choked up again.
I am just so grateful for conference. Every time I walk away with an added appreciation for this glorious gospel. How truly blessed we are. Nothing can compare to the hope and purpose and joy the Gospel brings. I love it!


Debbie said...

I love Kylie's comment. Too cute. Sounds like you have good memories. Ryan also REALLY loved Priesthood session.

Tina said...

Now that you have written it, you probably always really will remember your children singing along with the choir.

Riley liked the primary choir as well. She listened better than usual also. Six can be such a sweet age....:)

brenda said...

How cute! I can see them singing along in your family room! I think its great that you have written about it!

I found a journal my Mother had kept of our Family Home Evenings, it was so fun to read. We were not always good, but reading about it and seeing my Moms point of view gave me a new perspective of Family Home Evening.

I loved the children's choir also!
It certainly gets the attention of our little ones! I was also moved with emotion.

Cook Zoo said...

It was a fantastic conference, wasn't it? You know, every time I see the tabernacle choir sing, I think of you. Some day! :)

(And Brenda's comment about a FHE journal is such a good idea!)

Julie said...

I was typing on my mother in law's computer. . . ooops. I didn't realize it would be her name too!

Deb said...

This was a great conference. Smith and I were standing in the kitchen on Sunday getting a drink during the second session and he said, "Mom do you feel the spirit right now?" I said, "I sure do, do you?" To which he replied, "Yes. I love conference." My heart instantly melted.

alison said...

Amen to all of that. I love that Kiley is a girl and not an instument, what a character. I loved when the primary choir sang it made me a little teary too, the spirit was so strong with those little children.