Saturday, October 25, 2008

Weird Tag!

Tina has tagged me, so I guess I shall fill you in on my "weird" things.

1- I have a phobia of making phone calls. If at all possible I make Daniel call people for me. For some reason I get all tongue tied and feel "like a fool, like a fool." If I get a message from someone, it takes me quite a while to get around to calling them back cuz I have to summon the courage first. And by that time my kids have created some kind of disaster, and then I kind of forget about it.

2- I hate lipstick. And lip gloss. I will only put chapstick on my lips.

3-I add salt to everything- except desserts. Really- everything. And its not like I just put a little dash on- I put a TON on. I really like salt!

4- When a "love song" comes on in the car and I am with Daniel, I sing to him. And not just la-de-da sing- I belt it. And I make up some pretty cool dancing action moves too. So if you ever pass us on the road and it looks like I am having a seizure, take heart- I am only giving Daniel a little LOVE concert.

5- The smell of coffee makes me physically ill. I have puked a few times just after walking through the coffee aisle in grocery stores. Same thing for the flavor. Jelly bellys or ice-cream flavored like coffee is vile in my opinion.

6- My hair picks up the lingering scents of food, which in turn makes me sick, and therefore poor Daniel doesnt get bacon or eggs, or fried foods or anything really(just kidding-) unless I am in a fairly self sacrificing mood and it is in the evening and we can open all the windows and turn on all the fans so it will "air-out" the house quicker. I really hate smelling like food.

I tag Christie, Kristy, Allison, and Lala.


Kristy said...

So fun! I didn't know most of those things! You are such a wierdo! j/k Happy Halloween!

Deb said...

Wow you are a funny girl! I'm seeing a whole new side to Kimmy.

Is it evil that I absolutely LOVE the smell of coffee? I didn't say I love to drink it, I just love the way it smells. Oh if there was such thing as coffee perfume, I'd wear it.(:

Sabra said...

You are so WEIRD!

alison said...

I did this post a few weeks ago too and exposed some of my weirdness. It is nice to know I am not the only person with weird quirks. I love that you give Daniel his own concerts in the car. I am with Deb though on the coffee thing, I have never tasted it, but I love the smell of it. I am so with you on the phone thing though. I can talk to my mom and REALLY close fiends on the phone, but when it comes to calling ward members or other people, I have to work up to it, and I fidget the whole time I talk to them and I say LIKE a lot. I hate that!

Cook Zoo said...

This was too funny. My favorite is the love concert! (And the phone thing explains a lot, LOL!) :)

Jenn said...

Hey Kimmy!
I see your comments on the other blogs so I thought I would visit yours! Feel free to come to mine, too! I am so with you on #1 - I hate making phone calls and procrastinate as long as I can. I do looooove walking down the coffee aisle at the store and taking a big whiff, though.