Monday, February 23, 2009


So 2 weeks ago I was in the ER for my shoulder dislocation. We just got the bill. Did you know that if you get a PREGNANCY TEST in the ER it will cost you OVER $200? Do you know you can actually buy one at the dollar store for---- get this-----$1? Thats a pretty nice profit margin for the hospital, seeing as how they probably get them in bulk for less than that. And seeing as how I told them I was DEFINITELY NOT PREGNANT and they made me pee in a cup anyway- I am not too thrilled with this insanely ridiculous charge.

Did you know that if the Xray techs mess up the first view of the xray and they take another you have to pay $350 bucks for their mistake? Well you do. So thats $700 just for a dang xray just because they needed proof my shoulder was dislocated- if only they had taken my word for it.

And did you know that just to be in the ER you get to pay $900? Just for being there? Disneyland with all of the kids doesnt even cost that much.

And then to have a dr yank your arm back and forth not even knowing what he is doing costs you $300. Just to have him yank it around.

Then there is the charge that says "hydration therapy"- My guess is thats for an IV- which wasnt needed but it costs $500. Hydration therapy- it wasnt very therapeutic in my opinion.

The drugs that I didnt get until after being there for over 2 hours cost $200 bucks. You can buy some hard core drugs on the streets for less than that-(or so I hear)

And get this---the injection fee is $150. Seriously. Just for them to stick a needle in my arm.

And there are lots of other charges. The total for my visit-- well over $3000. I could take the family to Hawaii, stay in a 4 star hotel for a week and live it up for that.

I think I need to go hit a punching bag a zillion times over to release some of this agitation for this bill, but my shoulder would probably slip out again.


Cook Zoo said...

That's INSANE! They gave you a pregnancy test?? You should dispute some of those charges and I'm not even kidding. How ridiculous.

Sarah Blue said...

I agree with CookZoo. You should dispute the charges!!

Do you have insurance to cover any of this? I sure hope so. Otherwise...YIKES! Definately dispute.

Deck The HALLS of HOME with JOY! said...

I agree! WOW! How frustrating! I also have a frustrating story with the ER, I will have to tell you someday! Good luck!

TAMMY said...

Dude... that bites! I had to pay over $1200 out of my own pocket cuz they thought I had a seizure when I was pregnant with Theron. I was working that night and my gals had a baby shower for me. When it was over, apparently I didn't get enough attention they said, I passed out and everyone freaked and I got admitted with all these tests... and all it was is that I drank some sprite and I had a vagal response (look that one up!). Ridiculous I tell you, ridiculous... just like the ER!

alison said...

Oh I hear you girl, I still have 1575 left to pay on Jeremy's little ER visit when he had the samanella. It is crazy!

BlairsTown said...

Now I know what I want to do for a living... I thought I wanted to be a Rock Star, but I'm thinking of opening my own ER. It sounds like it would pay better and I would still have the drugs...