Thursday, February 5, 2009

So Daniel and I arent big on celebrating Valentines Day. Probably cuz I have carried a dislike for the holiday since spending one at dear old Ricks college. Now it could have just been me, or my apartment, or the apartment building, or my ward at the time, but if you didnt have a boyfriend on Valentines Day you just were not cool. And seeing as how Daniel was still on his mission and I had yet to meet him at the time- I wasnt wasting my time with anyone else- so I was therefore uncool. Not that I care if I am cool or not- but I hate when people look at me like I dont belong and going to church the following Sunday made that very evident as 3/4 of the ward was engaged. Interestingly enough I think only a quarter ended up still engaged by the end of the semester, but thats a research project for another time.

Anyway- the Holiday just seems filled with fluff- I dont need a special commercialized day in order for Daniel to know I love him- and vice-versa. So we get a few dollar store knick-knacks for the kids just to make them all excited, but thats it. And I dont mind cuz what I get is so much more special to me.
Daniel writes me love notes a few times each week before he goes to work. He writes little things he loves about me in the back of his journal. He brings me flowers on ordinary days, he arranges all of our dates, he frequently makes me dinner, and almost always does the dishes. He sends me texts messages throughout the day just to let me know he is thinking about me. And will often surprise me with a favorite treat. But most importantly he is aware. If I am having a hard day with the kids, Daniel tries his darndest to get home early, and then will proceed to entertain, feed, wash, and put to bed each kid. He notices when I am in pain, and tries his darndest to help me feel better. He is aware of my dreams and desires, and encourages and supports me in those. And he even notices when I fail- but never criticizes, judges, or makes me feel ashamed. He builds me up, and helps compensate for my weaknesses. When I am cold, he makes me hot chocolate, grabs me a blanket, and rubs my feet. When I fall asleep watching a movie he carries me up to bed. And when I cry he is there to hold me. When you have got someone this incredible what do you need Valentines day for?

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Tina said...

You two are definitely a great couple, and so of course you don't need Valentine's Day for you to know that.

I happen to like the day myself...I don't consider it a necessity, but a bonus.