Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just a few things about this guy

My creation, originally uploaded by kimmusjax.

-This guy turned the big 30 today
-This guy is one of the funniest guys I know-he makes me laugh everyday
-This guy makes the best waffles ever--from scratch-they are sooo good
-This guy never complains- ever
-This guy is the greatest daddy to our kids
-This guy has a heart of gold
-This guy loves Japan and the people there as well as the culture
-This guy has got the smarts of the family
-This guy has more patience than anyone I know
-This guy is the love of my life & my best friend- I couldnt have asked for anyone more perfect for me than my Daniel

Happy Birthday Daniel!
"Baby I'm amazed by you"--(wink, wink)


Deck The HALLS of HOME with JOY! said...

Happy Birthday Daniel! I love the pictures!

Sabra said...

-This guy deserves the happiest birthday! We think you are super cool, Daniel!

Julie said...

Happy Bday Daniel! I love the photo collage!!!

Kristy said...

Daniel Happy Birthday! As I read Kim's list of things I can say that I heartily agree! You can tel you have a heart of gold and you do 'never complain'! We're so glad you're in our family!
I hope you get a big juicy steak for your birthday!

Cook Zoo said...

Happy Birthday Daniel! You're still a young pup!

Brandon and Amanda Gregory said...

Happy Birthday Daniel. Love the pictures:)you can really tell that he is such a sweet Daddy!

TAMMY said...

Daniel...dude, you are old! (I am only 1 year older!) Happy Birthday Napoleon Dynamite! Love the pics!

alison said...

Awww happy birthday Daniel. You have joined the 30ers club.

Kumiko said...

Happy Birthday!!(Tanjyobi Omedeto!)

Granni P said...

Happy Bday to Daniel. Hope it was fabulous. And you still have a good 20 years before it starts downhill. Yeah!!! Kimmy, thanks for your comment on my blog but I did lose it when I fixed the text.

Beverly said...

Happy Birthday, Daniel--you are the best!

Christie said...

Happy B-Day Bro! You deserve a great one (or did last week when the big day was!)

Tina said...

I hope he had a GREAT birthday!

ps I love your collage, especially that cute wedding picture.