Tuesday, February 3, 2009

wont you be my neighbor?

So we have some good neighbors. To the right of us, there lives an older than we are couple who have a lot of dogs. The barking doesnt bug me so much. But the fact that the guy sends his dogs to our yard to do their (how do I put this nicely, as to not offend).. ..."biz-ness" does. Our neighbor takes great care of his lawn. He plants the winter grass and stinkifies the area while he fertilizes. He edges it, and mows it in a clean cut pattern. And during the dreadful heat of the summer, this guy still manages to keep his lawn green. Basically he puts a lot of time and effort into making it so pretty. Now our yards are separated by a small edging divider. But even without that divider you can tell a night a day difference in our lawns. Ours gets mowed once every 4 or 5 months, and we dont bother watering it, cuz it will only make it grow faster. Daniel gets up in the early morning to run, showers, goes to work , and usually doesnt get home until 6:30 or later each night, and that only leaves him 30 minutes with the kids, and once we get them all in bed, we make something to eat, try to put the house back in order, and then crash from all the excitement of yet another day. So taking care of the yard-- its really not a priority, so we dont bother with it much. Terrible I know! So yesterday when Daniel got home,we headed out to jump on the tramp for a few minutes before the nightly routine. We heard the distinctive hum of a lawn mower, and thought it a bit odd cuz our neighbor usually mows in the morning. Lo and behold it wasnt our next door neighbor, but our home teaching neighbor. The guy took a little chunk of his time to come and mow our pathetic looking lawn. What a nice guy! So I have been feeling a little guilty about that cuz its not like we cant mow the lawn ourselves. We just dont. But yet he saw something that could be done and without a second thought did it. Seriously can you get a better home teacher? I think I better go bake him a cake!


Sabra said...

I want the home teacher's name, so I can put a request in!

Sarah Blue said...

I don't think I buy that story. I'll bet that guy's a real schmuck. He probably only mowed your lawn because he was feeling guilty for not visiting your family in December and then coming on February 1st for the January visit. Yep. I'll bet that's the true motivation for his so-called service attempt. I mean, he didn't even mow your whole lawn. Just the front yard. Yeah. That guy's a schmuck. ;)

Deck The Halls of HOME with JOY! said...

I'm with Sabra! Hey, I know all about your neighbor! I finally asked politely if he could please keep the dogs from p------ on the grass, because my kids walk in it and bring it in the house! He was kind and said he was sorry but....the problem still persisted!
If we were outside he would keep the dogs off, but if we were in the house they were all over it doing their job! They had 10 dogs when we were living there! He thought we had our hands full with our 6 kids and often reminded us that we were crazy to have so many kids!

Funny, I thought he was a little crazy with all his dogs!

Here's more... we had a sprinkler in the back yard that would bother him, he always said we were getting to much water in his yard!

Wow..I'm really venting here, I guess I never got over it! (sorry)

Good Luck!

Julie said...

Hilarious!!!!! Was it kind of awkward that you guys were playing and he was there working!!! That's too funny. Hey, we all have our different strengths. . . and yours is baking a cake, right?

Cook Zoo said...

Please send your home teacher over here because we don't mow our lawn either, and for all the same reasons.