Sunday, February 22, 2009


We desert rats finally got a visit from one of my siblings. My sister and her family came to town this past week. In the time we have lived here we havent had any sibling company- its quite tragic really. A girl needs her family. My sister finally came to her senses and got out of the winter cold iceland and joined us in our warm sunshine and crystal blue skies.

Daniel and Big D took care of the kids on Saturday while Christie and I went shopping, got pedicures and had lots of bonding time. (If you know my sister be sure to ask her about her interesting "butt massage" from the pedicure chair.) We stayed up late playing games and talking and watching movies. We ate so many wonderful meals all thanks to Daniel and his talented cuisine making skills-( "like nunchuk skills, bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills... Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills." and Daniel certainly has many-) We even got to go on a double date Saturday night thanks to our friend Victoria and her friend who watched the monkeys for us.

They had to catch a plane this afternoon, so our house is feeling quite empty now, not to mention quiet. Kylie is feeling really down since having to say good-bye to her cousins. I can relate. When I was little I would cry on the drive home from family reunions after saying goodbye to my cousin Natalie. I have always hated goodbyes and now it looks like my daughter is following in my footsteps.

I sure do love my sister and am grateful that we were able to have such a great weekend together. Hopefully they had a good time too and will make a yearly habit out of visiting us.(come on sis-- you know you want to!)


TAMMY said...

I love it when my sister comes to visit! I will be your sista here! I am glad ya'll had a good time. I didn't know Daniel was Napoleon Dynamite's brother! Love him!!!

Cook Zoo said...

How fun! Daniel gets bonus points for his culinary skills.

I know we're not 'sibling company' but I can't wait until we can be company too. :)

Julie said...

Oh man. I'm yearning for a sister!

alison said...

Oh that sounds like so much fun! Glad you had a great time.

Christie said...

We had a great time and love the memories (we are laughing now)Thanks for being so wonderful and opening your home to us, we love you!