Thursday, May 7, 2009


Many years ago the bouncing Tigger was on the Christmas hot-list. I fell in love with that Tigger, and bought myself one. A few years after that, my parents moved out of the house we grew up in, and my mom was trying to get us kids to take our stuff, so she could declutter and downsize. I opened up my box of stuff and found my tigger, Kylie and Ty were so excited. They hadnt seen one of those before, and they bounced and bounced along with Tigger for months.

When we moved down here, Tiggers batteries burned out, and I havent replaced them, so Tigger has just been little more than one of a zillion stuffed animals on the shelf. He hasnt gotten much attention from James or Ben who are now at the ages Kylie and Tyler were when they fell in love with Tigger.

Ty was looking through the stuffed animals today, saw Tigger, tried to get him to bounce, realized he wouldnt, found where the battery pack was, found a screwdriver, opened up the battery pack, took out the old batteries and replaced them, and fixed Tigger. All this own his own. I cant tell you how amazed I am- shocked really. He pretends to fix stuff with his dad all the time but has never actually fixed something on his own. Amazing.

Once he got it fixed, he bounced that Tigger, and James and Ben have been in heaven all morning. I really wish I had a video camera at times like this cuz the image of the 3 boys jumping and bouncing along with Tigger is just priceless. At least I tried to get pictures of it, but most are blurry as the boys were all bouncing faster than I can shoot and I didnt mess around with the settings on my camera cuz the last time I did, it took me forever to figure out how to change it back to normal. I am technologically challenged. But at least when I look back at these pictures when my kids are grown, I can re-live the memory of it in my head. It'll be listed under "favorites!".


Deck The HALLS of HOME with JOY! said...

Kimmy, your boys make me smile! They are so cute! What fun!

Cook Zoo said...

That is so adorable! You did a good job with the pictures cuz I can totally see them bouncing away. I want a live demonstration when we come to see you. :)

Tina said...

How cute!

Nice that Tyler could get Tigger going, all on his own.

I hope you have a great weekend!

Julie said...

Tyler should come to my house and replace all the "broken" toys I have that I don't feel like unscrewing, replacing batteries, screwing back on, and repeating.

Stacie Robinson said...

I need to get me one of those! Trey will start bouncing when we sing the Tigger song to him. LOL! Such cute pictures!

TAMMY said...

We have an Elmo and Cookie Monster like that, that are both in potato sacks and you put them side by side so they can race each other. They bounce and say funny things and it makes me laugh everytime I play with them. I was playing with Theron and them just yesterday and it was so cute for him to watch them because he didn't know how to react. But you did catch the boys in their pictures actually getting some air. Good job!

I just read all of your posts back to April (I have been behind) and first, I saw the boys in their outfits on Sunday and thought they looked like studs. Love the colors! Where did you get those?

Second, I loved your post (as I do all of them, you make me laugh!) about the one entitled thoughts. Now this was a serious one and I felt and feel, exactly what you are going through.

Over the last few years, I have seen and had, best friends, sisters, brothers, and others leave the church when they were brought up the same way I was, etc. just like you said. It is so hard to make sense out of any of it, I agree. It pains your very soul as if you know exactly what Heavenly Father must be feeling for them as well. It does leave you depressed for them because you know that they aren't going to be happy (the dang thing called free agency!). I know for me, it makes me stronger because Satan is real and he is catching people like flies and I am not going to let him catch me too. I am constantly reminded of the scripture in my head about "even the elect shall be deceived" because that is so true today. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. You are not alone in that regard.