Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Weekend Wonders

2 weekends ago we headed to San Diego to help a friend move some stuff into his "beach house." What an adventure. The kids and I offered moral support while Daniel and said friend pretty much killed themselves off trying to get a sectional, two king sized beds, several chairs, a dresser, tables, and the like up a flight of stairs and through a small door. It was madness. Daniel could barely move the next day. We planned on spending a good chunk of Saturday at the beach, but it was only 60 some odd degrees and since we had just left 100 plus degrees back home, we were freezing our little bunz right off. So we told the kids we would come back in a few weeks so we could try the beach day again. We drove back up Saturday night cuz Daniel had been asked to give a talk in sacrament meeting. I have a bone to pick with a member of our bishopric. Who asks a young dad of 4 of the most irreverent kids-(well Kylie is not a problem- its my boys- so 3 of the most irreverent kids) to leave his wife to deal with them all by herself on MOTHERS DAY? Sheesh. That was brutal. But it actually turned out alright cuz Ben fell asleep and Kylie kept James quietly entertained and my Toast was up against his Star Wars game privileges being revoked, so he did alright too. Anyway Daniel went out of his way to make mothers day special. He let me sleep in which he needed more than I did since he and his friend were up half the night on Friday, but he sacrificed for me. What a great guy. Then he made his delicious homemade waffles which were fluffy and light and tasty as could be. And to top it off-(besides the flowers, the mint musketeers(my current candy addiction) and the love notes) he got me the coolest phone EVER. I know everyone who has the I-phone thinks its the coolest, but the G-1 is actually THE coolest! Man I love my new phone. Its like a little tiny computer/phone/camera/GPS/i-pod-(but you dont have to have all the stinking apple applications)-ALL IN ONE! It is AMAZING! SERIOUSLY AMAZING! (it has the qwerty keyboard built into it. how amazingly awesome is that? very! and its so tiny for doing the gazillion things that it does- its seriously AMAZING!!!)

So after that wonderful weekend, last weekend we decided to play it cool in this desert heat. We did the "rain-o-line" and ate Popsicles by the dozens, BBQed up a storm, and just enjoyed the unhurried calm together. It was fabulous. Daniel and Toast had their little date on Friday night. They went and got some famous burritos, then played video games. Ty apparently was in heaven. I dont think I will ever understand the male desire to spend hours blowing stuff up on video games. But they had fun. The other kiddies and I went and got ice-cream cones and took them to a little park nearby. Since it was such a warm evening, the ice-cream melted faster than my 2 boys could eat it, so it was a lovely sticky drippy mess. Bennie-boy had ice cream on every possible surface of his body. He looked like the marshmallow ghost on ghost busters. Kylie and I got such a kick out of watching those 2 boys.

I love weekends. I love being with my Daniel, and my crazy kids. And I love building memories together whether its on a little getaway, or just here at home. The only thing that could possibly make it better would be if the house would magically clean itself up after such weekends.


Cook Zoo said...

Ah, I wish we could've gone too! :) Some day. And I'm waiting to see a smiling pic of you with your new do!

alison said...

Sounds wonderful!

Beverly said...

Okay, we are all waiting to see a smiling pic of you wit your new do! And, what is a rain-o-line? It sounds like a couple of fun weekends. Wish we were there to see our marshmallow ghost.