Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorable Memorial

Since it was a 4 day weekend we decided to get out of dodge and head up to the mountains of Strawberry. Daniel and I have been searching for the right locale for our someday cabin and we finally found it. Simply gorgeous area. We have driven past there several times when we lived in Mesa, but never stopped and explored the area until now. But now instead of someday I am pressuring Daniel to make that someday more like 2-3 years since it is totally perfect and I want to go up there again and again and again. I cant get enough of those mountains and pine trees. And since it is a 4 and a half hour drive we also decided Daniel needs to learn how to fly a helicopter, and somehow we need to acquire one so that we can fly from here to there every chance we get without having to be on the road with the 4 crazies whose "he's on my side," "are we there yet?" "she's talking to me," "I'm hungry!" "I have to go to the bathroom,""I'm bored," "how much longer?" comments get really annoying really quickly. ;)
we had such a nice time. We stayed in the cabins on strawberry hill which were quite fun. We played some tether ball-(Daniel is such a cheater-even though he has the greater advantage as he is well over a foot taller than me, he still has to grab the rope to steal the ball.) The kids loved playing ping-pong jamesy style -(hitting the ball far away from the table and then running to see who can get it first) petting the horse, playing on the playset and especially the playhouse. But the most fun was roasting marshmallows around the fire-pit each night. We also hit the local arts and crafts festival a few miles down in Pine, and the kids got to make a couple of sand art pictures, which they want me to frame and hang up on the walls. I love those mountains. It was so refreshing up there.
Driving home we decided to grab some lunch at Bajios, but were disappointed as it is no longer there. So we hit chick-fil-a instead, and as fate would have it, we ran into Daniels grandma, his dear aunt, uncle and their family. We were just headed out as they were coming in, so we only got to chat for a minute but it was nice to see them. They are some of our favorite people.
So after such a nice relaxing weekend, it felt really wrong to have to get up and get back into the routine this morning. I think its cruel and unusual punishment that Kylie has to go to school for a couple more weeks. So does she. I tried getting her to sing "I will survive" with me this morning but she gave me the perfected teenager-"that's so embarrassing" eye roll. Love that girl.


Sabra said...

I'm glad someone enjoyed their long weekend.

Stacie Robinson said...

That sounds like so much fun! My mom told me she ran into you, such luck you guys have!

Cook Zoo said...

When I saw the jackets, I knew you couldn't be in Yuma anymore! LOL. What a great weekend! I love Strawberry, but we've never stayed there. I think your cabin/helicopter plan sounds totally awesome! :)

Sarah Blue said...

I grew up going to Strawberry every chance we could. My grandparents had a cabin that we would stay in. We spent most of the summers there. I had the whole place memorized at one point, but there are lots more cabins now.

That's where we were living before we came to Yuma. Me and the kids lived at Hubby's parents' cabin while Hubby interned in Holbrook. I sent my kids to Pine-Strawberry elementary for the first quarter. We loved to go to the festivals in Pine too. And the Rodeo in Payson. Especially the kids Rodeo. I forget what it's called, but every week during the fall we could drive down and watch tiny little kids racing giant horses around barrels. It was so much fun to watch!!!

We love Strawberry. If you do build a cabin there, I will have to introduce you to Fossil Creek. :)

Tina said...

I'm glad you had a wonderful weekend away.

Not the teenage eye roll already! Good thing she is really such a sweetheart :)

TAMMY said...

What a fun weekend! Brandon and I have been wanting to go camping with the kids forever. The last time we did, Javan was a newborn. That is sad. Tell Daniel we will collect all our change and donate it to help start this cabin that we can all share! Hope that dream comes true for you someday soon!