Monday, December 29, 2008


Christmas Eve jammies photo-op
Christmas with the Jacksons

Even puking her guts out wont stop her from reading. Thats my girl.

Call of Duty/Male Bonding

The evidence is on his face

Bennies first Christmas

Shephard ninja

My dear Utah delivered the goods this year! I got my white Christmas. Oh was it beautiful. And oh was it COLD! My blood must have thinned since living in the desert wasteland as I could hardly go outside. We spent a few days with Daniels family and a few with mine. We went sledding, went to the temple lights, and drank hot chocolate by the gallons. We did our traditional Christmas Eve dinner, followed by the re-enactment of the nativity, followed by the 4 minute DVD of Luke 2, then opened up our Christmas jammie's. Then we got to have the delicious traditional Ice-cream cake roll! Then we watched the reflections of Christ dvd, and then everyone left grandma and grandpas, and then my mom remembered the traditional Christmas Eve book. We read it to the kids, then put them to bed, and visions of sugar plums danced in their heads. We woke up with our dear little Kylie puking her guts out. And she continued to do so all day. Last year James puked all night and day for Christmas, so it looks like its becoming a tradition. Ben slept through most of his 1st Christmas morning. But he still got to shove handfuls of wrapping paper into his mouth once he decided to join the festivities. James was mostly interested in his CANDY- and couldn't care less about anything else. And he proceeded to eat candy for breakfast lunch and dinner the next few days. Ty was excited about his Knight gear, and his daddy was excited by his remote control car that drives on the walls. Sweet. We got to have Uncle Johnny and Lala there on Christmas morning and that was quite the treat as they are THE favorite aunt and uncle. Christmas night everyone came back to Grandmas for another tasty dinner and lots of mayhem as 20 out of the 25 grandkids were running all over the place. And the guys hooked a bunch of computers together and spent the next few hours playing call of duty. Boys. We got home late last night and I am already homesick for my frozen Utah. Well not so much Utah as the people there that I love. I really don't like being so far away from my siblings and most especially my parents. And I miss my moms new washing machine. For the first time in my life I really really enjoyed doing laundry. You turn that machine on and boy was that the most cheerful greeting ever! It made me smile every time I pushed the buttons. Such a happy washer. Now to get back to the routine.


Kumiko said...

I'm glad that you had a wonderful christmas with your family. I'd like to see your mom's washer!

John and Laura Hall said...

We had fun seeing you guys too! I think you mean Uncle Johnny is their favorite... They wouldnt even talk to me... I tried!! Hope to see you again soon!

Sabra said...

I love the Call of Duty/Male Bonding setup. Too perfect.

Cook Zoo said...

Ah, if only I could eat candy for breakfast, lunch and dinner! ;) Sounds like you had a great Christmas (but poor Kylie!). Have a great New Year! :)

alison said...

Wow that looks and sonds like a blast, well minus poor Kylies puking. Poor little girl, I used to always get sick on Christmas morning, it drove my brothers and sister crazy because we could never go anywhere, but I was just a kid, I couldn't help it.

Tina said...

I'm glad you had a great Christmas...with all the traditions, candy, snow, mayhem and even some puking. (Poor Kylie!)