Friday, December 5, 2008

Endorphins make you happy

I absolutely love mint m&ms. They only come out during the holidays, and once they start showing up at the store you can guarantee we add at least two bags to our weekly grocery run. So we noticed them a little earlier this year- right after Halloween to be exact. And since that time I have been eating them like candy. This daily indulgence is starting to show its consequences as my clothes are fitting a little differently. Last year I blamed the weight gain on my pregnancy. This year I dont have that excuse. Knowing full well I am not gonna stop eating this tasty treat, I thought I should probably get my rear in gear and pull out the old pilates/yoga routine. I use to do this daily, but since last years Thanksgiving, I couldnt do it effectively while being pregnant and even though I planned on starting back up after I had my little Ben, sleep has been too precious to give up. Truth be told I am just lazy. Well today I dont have any commitments until this afternoon, and Daniel took Kylie to school this morning, so I decided this was the opportune time cuz I didnt have to get up early and I could shower after working out. Perfect plan. I fed Ben, and got him and James toys to keep them busy, pulled out my equipment, and began. Not even 3 minutes into it all 3 of my boys were on top of me. I guess they figure this was the perfect opportunity to catch me off my guard for some wrestling. I gave them all loves, and got them distracted with some books this time, then went back to try to pickup where I left off. Several minutes later, same thing. I figured they needed to be in a different room. So I gathered some blocks in the front room, and then snuck back to the family room ,and tried to get back into the routine. Five minutes later they all were on top of me again. So I just tried to proceed with all of them all over me. Very difficult and ineffective as far as working out goes. So after a few more minutes I gave up. I got maybe 15 minutes of work out time, but it took me an hour to do so, and then I knew I had to get ready for the day. How the fetch does anyone exercise when they have kids around? I should try to get up early before they are awake, but its torture to drag myself from bed after having woken up just a few hours earlier to feed Ben each night. So thats not gonna happen until he starts sleeping through the night.(one would imagine he should be doing by now, but he thinks otherwise.) There is always the option of doing it after my kids are in bed, but by that time I am worn out from the day and just want to hang out with Daniel, so I dont think I can commit to that either. So really I should just give up the m&ms, but I have no power to resist their sweet temptations, so I guess I will just have to deal with the love handles. Of course I have this little voice in my head that says, "Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy, and happy people just dont shoot their husbands." Not that I think my marriage is in peril, but really it would be nice to workout again, but after this morning I dont see it happening for a little while longer.


Sabra said...

We're back to walking Monday!

alison said...

Well, you definitely get an A for effort!