Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gingerbread night

Tonight the kids and I decorated a gingerbread house. It was quite the fiasco as James kept trying to eat the gingerbread while we were trying to frost the pieces together. And when it was time to decorate James thought his baby brother would like the extra frosting. He also decided it was super fun to throw the sprinkles on Toast. Tyler retaliated by whacking James with the box the gingerbread came in. My favorite part though was this conversation between Kylie and Tyler.

Kylie: Tyler you did a really good job creating this window.

Tyler: Yeah, I am the best cremator in the world.

Kylie: well dont you like the doors that I did?

Tyler: hmmm, yeah, those are pretty good. You can be the next best cremator in our family.

Looks like we know what profession our son is going into. We are so proud.


Sarah Blue said...

Cute gingerbread house. And congrats on Tyler's career choice. He will always have work! And those guys make a bunch of money. Haha!

Kristy said...

So cute! That is always one of my favorite traditions of the year! We did ours a few nights ago, it was quite the zoo also, but the kids loved it! I'll try to post pictures soon!

Brandon and Amanda Gregory said...

How cute! I love what kids talk about haha. I also like the new picture at the top of your blog. cute little family:) Merry Christmas!!!

alison said...

I love your family picts too. I love when kids mix words up. I have a friend from college who is a mortician and he makes some pretty good $$$$. I would be a little too creeped out to be one, but hey, he may just turn out to be "the best cremator in the world!" It would definitely be a lot cheaper when you guys kick the bucket. (when you are very, very, very old)

Kumiko said...

They build a masterpiece! I remember how fun it was to built a gingerbread house together.
Merry Christmas!!

Tina said...

Cute story...:)

I hope you all had a great Christmas! I look forward to hearing about it.