Monday, January 7, 2008


With the new year starting, Daniel and I were talking about our goals and dreams and desires. Its hard for me to say what I want to accomplish this year cuz i am in the midst of raising my kids. I just want to provide a loving, nurturing, safe home for my children, but at the end of the year I am still going to be trying to do the same thing. So its a never ending cycle, which is fine, but it doesnt give me a specific goal in which I can check off at the end of the year---So I decided to take it a step further- what do I want to do with my life- and what continual steps can i work on this year to help move me towards those desires. I guess my focus is on preparing for the future--and here's what I have come up with:

1- I want to be a great mother. I want my kids to develop their own testimony of Jesus Christ and his Gospel, and want them to know that they are children of a loving Heavenly Father. I know that no matter what happens in life, as long as they know that Jesus Christ in their Savior, and they are children of God, they can find true and lasting peace and happiness. Thats what I want, so i will continue to work on my own testimony, and try to share it with them more often. I need to look for opportunities to serve others and have my children help in that. And then just continue to have daily family prayers & scripture study. I think I should also focus on having more meaningful FHE lessons. This one is tricky cuz Ty has the attention span of a 4 year old boy and James of course sits still for only a minute- Well its something I will work on and figure out.

2- I want to use the talents I have been given to help others come unto Jesus Christ. I have asked myself a million times what talents do I have, and the only one that I can really think of is music. When I was in high school and shortly there after I had the opportunity from time to time to share my testimony through singing. I havent sung much since I have had children and I miss it. There is something so powerful about music, and when used in concert with the Holy Ghost, it has power to pierce the soul. I feel like I have been given that talent so that I can share my testimony in that way, so that I can be an instrument in helping others feel the spirit and come unto the Savior. So I need to start strengthening my voice, and continue to strengthen my own testimony so that when the right opportunity comes along I will be prepared physically and most importantly spiritually. In addition to that, I do want to record a Christmas album- just because I love Christmas more that anything and my favorite music is Christmas music, so I want to record some of my favorite songs, and then share it with my friends and family. I figure this I wont do for a little while, but by working on my voice, I can get to where I need to be so that in the future I can do this.

3- I want to serve a mission with Daniel. Daniel is my favorite person in the world. I admire so many things about him , but one of the most wonderful things about him is his desire to serve. I am excited for the future time when we will be able to go off into the world and serve together to share the gospel. So we need to be more committed to studying our scriptures together and praying as a couple. And working on our communication would be helpful too.

4- I want to help others financially. Daniel is still trying to provide for us as a family, and as in the case for many young families, its difficult. We have so many blessings, but there isnt much after the bills and living expenses each month. But I do believe that this is temporary. Daniel is smart and hard working and I think that it wont be too long before we are in a much better place that where we are now. Another thing I love so dearly about Daniel is that he doesnt desire "stuff"-He would much rather spend his money to feed someone who is hungry than on the latest gizmo for himself. I love that about him and look forward to the day when we have abundance and can go around giving to those in need--and to do so anonymously- thats where the true joy comes in i think. So right now we can just try to budget wisely and focus on the needs of our children rather than wants, and also to maybe start a jar of loose change to cash in at Christmas to give to a family in need--this will be a good one to get the kids involved with too, as they seem to find change everywhere.

So theres a start. If I really desire these things I need to really commit to doing what I can each day to move me closer to these desires. That means I cant make excuses like I didnt have time-or whatever- I will have to make time and prioritize- otherwise I wont get to where I want to be. So I am committing myself to these little steps and - "out of small things proceedeth that which is great!"

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