Monday, January 21, 2008


Toast and Kylie have really been into the movie the little rascals lately. They go around quoting lines to each other, and have given each other the nick names of buckwheat and uh-hu. Kylie loves to ask Tyler "are you thinkin what I'm thinkin?" and Ty laughs and replies "yeah Butch. what are we thinkin?" Then they both laugh hysterically and do it over and over. They also love tapping their chins with a ponderous look upon their little faces and say "pretty good pleading." Then they ask me, "hey mom- what does pleading mean?" And whenever I change James diaper Kylie comes over and says- "hey uh-hu, does it stink in there?" To which Ty runs over and yells "uh-hu!" and of course they end up laughing hysterically. Crazy kids. yesterday they were singing "you are so beautiful to me," so I had to record it cuz I love it. However Kylie got camera shy, so Ty sings solo- you might want to pause the music launcher before watching this so you can hear him.

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