Wednesday, January 23, 2008

my miracle

A little over two weeks ago I started having constant Braxton Hicks contractions, not just normal ones- ones that dont go away. I had the same thing while pregnant with James and it was due to an infection. So I called my dr's office and after taking all day to call back, told me to come in the next morning to leave a specimen. The next morning i go at the time they told me, and had to wait an hour and a half just to pee in a stupid cup- Totally ridiculous-. The next week I have an appointment with the dr, and after his less than two minute check-up he asks if I have any questions- so I tell him what has been going on, and ask if they have my results-Its a 48 hour test-- this was 4 days later-- he says its not back but will have the nurse call me the next day. the next three days I still dont hear from them, all the while am living with this never ending pain and discomfort that is getting worse and worse. Thursday night I couldnt move i was in terrible pain. on Sunday I get up with the kids and start getting them their breakfast and BAM- I am having labor contractions-- not sissy little contractions- MAJOR contractions- one right on top of the next. I couldnt stand up, and was having a hard time breathing. My back was on fire and I felt pressure only known to those who have been in labor- 30 minutes of this and I call my mom. She tells me that I need to get the the hospital ASAP- So I get off the phone and have Daniel give me a blessing and while we are trying to figure out who we can ask to watch the kids, the contractions slow way down. I call my mom again, she still thinks I need to go to the hospital but also tells me to call my drs office. So I leave a message and tell them whats been going on- and after a little while, they call back and the dr says just rest and drink lots of water. OK- whatever. So I take it easy but am still just really uncomfortable and get feeling really sick and weak and dizzy, but make it through the day. Monday I call the dr office first thing, and when they call me back the nurse tells me the dr hasnt looked over the results yet- when he finally looks over them his nurse calls me back and tells me "it looks like it is an infection, so we need to get you on antibiotics right away"- RIGHT AWAY? Right away would have been 48 hours after the stupid test- so for two weeks this infection has been spreading, and making life miserable- But here's the thing- If an infection can cause preterm labor and other serious problems, and the results dont take that long to get back so the doctors can know whats going on, why did it take them so long to get the results and get me taken care of? We are paying them for their "service" so to speak of providing health care while I am pregnant- but I think they put me and my baby at huge risk by letting it go so long.
But through all of this I am grateful for a few things. I think the reason my contractions stopped and I didnt end up in preterm labor was-one the blessing and the power of the priesthood. And two- my mothers faith and prayers- It seems to me that I had a little miracle through my little experience, and the blessing testifies to me that my Father in Heaven is always there, and is always aware, and he cares for me and this baby. Also, my mother has exceeding great faith. I was extremely scared and worried sick, but my wise mother has a way of calming my fears and her example is incredible. She immediately turns to the Lord and through her faith, miracles happen. I am grateful for the priesthood, and am grateful Daniel is worthy to hold such a powerful gift, and I am ever so grateful to my mom and her never failing faith.

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