Friday, January 4, 2008


One year after Kylie was born, Tyler Scott Jackson joined our family. He just added to the love- He was a good natured baby, and his favorite person in the world was his daddy. Tyler turned 4 last year and started preschool. He found his future wife at preschool- her name is Allison and she is adorable. Tyler is the biggest Diego fan out there-if you were to ask him what his name is he responds, "Diego!" He is a very active boy and loves to wrestle and body slam his daddy. He is very affectionate and gives hugs all day long. He has the most mischievous smile that just cracks me up cuz its like he is always planning something. He cant say his "r's" very well, but I think its so freaking cute~! Ty loves to make up songs and just sings and sings all the time. When he was born his sister called him "Toe-Toe" and from there we nick-named him Toast- Ty loves to create and build and then loves to destroy his creations. He loves being with his Daddy, loves being read to, loves to tell jokes, and loves to snuggle with his blanket. Toast is a good helper and has a great imagination that keeps things very interesting. Tyler is just a delight!

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