Saturday, January 5, 2008


Three years after Tyler was born, James Thomas Jackson joined the family. Before he was born, i had some really sacred experiences that just bore witness to me how special James is. The night I was in labor, Daniel had a pretty cool dream that again bore witness that this baby has a specific purpose and that we have a sacred responsibility as his parents. He is now 15 months which blows my mind cuz time has just flown by. I have enjoyed every minute of his life. Kylie and Tyler just adore him and he just loves them back. I love how excited James gets to see Kylie when we pick her up from school. His whole face just lights up and he practically jumps out of my arms to see her. i love how Toast takes it upon himself to show James how things work- and how he shares his toys with James and just loves his baby brother. James loves trucks and watching him push them around cracks me up cuz he growls as he zooms around. James loves to dance- anytime he hears a tune he just starts dancing to the beat. He is very active and loves to explore and discover things, and when he figures something out he claps for himself. His laugh is contagious and really just brightens the day. He does this thing where he clenches his fists and gets this look on his face and shakes and every time he does it we just cant stop laughing which makes him do it more. In the last month or so he has started this little game of closing his eyes on people who talk to him. Its so dang funny. I just love everything about James. He is precious!

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