Monday, January 21, 2008

fhe woes

So I have been trying to have more meaningful FHEs this year-and today i put a lot of effort into planning a lesson and activity that was meaningful, on their level, and entertaining. Kylie had treats and I even correlated that into my plan. So after dinner we jump into it. Then Tyler starts disrupting. so I give him his time-out warning. That works for a minute, then he starts disrupting again. I dont want to put the kid in time out, cuz I want him to participate. I know if he will just pay attention he will really like this lesson. So i choose to ignore his behavior, but am getting irritated. We start the game and he gets involved for a few minutes, then he is disrupting again. After the game I try to wrap everything up and tie it all together and he disrupts again. THEN IT CLICKS. The reason he has been disrupting is cuz he is trying to get his daddys attention. The kid can barely get through the day waiting for his dad to come home so they can wrestle- and I hadnt given him his "daddy time." So next week I am gonna give Toast 15 minutes of pure Daddy body slamming wrestling- and then start FHE and hopefully it will go a little more smoothly- we shall see~

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